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Tue, Jan. 6th, 2009, 11:05 pm
On eggnog and The Joy of Cooking

I make damn fine eggnog

Most of what one needs to know about making eggnog is in the 1976 edition of the Joy of Cooking, and not, for instance, the 1997 edition. The later edition may have more varied and convenient recipes, but it's lost its soul. Not in that it sold out (which, AFAICT, it didn't), but that it started to be a recipe book, and stopped being a book about how to cook and eat food.

Go buy the 76 edition. It's not getting any cheaper. Don't bother with any newer edition (the 75th anniversary one may have gotten better, but I doubt it). If you want a recipe book, get How to Cook Everything.

That said, the 76 edition recipes could stand a little updating. If you've cooked from it a bit, and thumbed through it a bit, this shouldn't be a problem, since you know how to cook. For example, eggnog:
Use the ingredients for eggnog for one (pages 71 and 72). The preparation is different, though.
Separate the white into a cup suitable for your immersion blender (whisk attachment), and the yolk into a tall drinking glass.
Using a rubber scraper, cream together the yolk, sugar, salt, and nutmeg. Then mix in the rum (Capt Morgan is barely rum, but it's great for rum & cokes and eggnog). I think it's supposed to be better if you refrigerate this for a few hours to overnight.
Beat the egg white until medium peaks form, pour the foam into the drinking glass
Without cleaning the immersion blender cup, add the heavy cream, beat to just shy of soft peaks
Pour all the stuff from the drinking glass into the blender cup (use the scraper to get everything out), mix together with the scraper, then pour back into the drinking glass.
If you're trying to impress someone, sprinkle some nutmeg on top.

Wed, Jan. 7th, 2009 02:54 pm (UTC)

According to cooking for engineers, the 75th anniversary joy removed much of the fail of the 1997 edition: http://www.cookingforengineers.com/article/229/Joy-of-Cooking-75th-Anniversary-Edition-2006